WingMate Publications has a new owner.

After 24 years of producing the Airline Crew Organizer and Flight Record and 19 years of putting together the Pocket Flight Log and Monthly Planner, I was reluctantly going to close down WingMate Publications. I know this disappointed a lot of my very loyal customers but I have been retired as a United Airlines Captain for over 10 years now and I decided it was time to retire from this also. It had been an interesting, sometimes challenging and always rewarding time for me. I have greatly appreciated the very nice testimonial letters I have received from so many of my customers over the years and particularly since I announced my retirement from producing WingMate and I am relieved that I found someone to carry on the business. Please meet Renee Gerrans -

My name is Renee Gerrans.  I am a United Flight Attendant from Sonoma County, based in San Francisco.  I have been flying for 29 years and have been using the Airline Crew Organizer since it's inception.  I have not missed a year! 

When I received the postcard from Bill McGuire stating that he had been retired for ten years and was now retiring from the WingMate, I was very disappointed and sad.  I mean, I was happy  for him, but what about my Organizer?  I kept reading the postcard, and when he said  that he was interested in someone continuing to produce the organizers and logs, I went from sad to excited.  I immediately emailed Bill and we eventually met. 

This Organizer is so good, it cannot cease to exist!  I cannot imagine not having one. I know that I can continue on with Bill's help and I look forward to hearing from you.

So, with the continuation of WingMate Publications assured, it is time for me to say thank you again to all of you who have used my products over the years and to close this chapter in my life. It has been fun, thanks again.

Bill McGuire
WingMate Publications

P.S.  2015 NEWS:  I want to thank all of you who ordered the 2015 products.  We still have the 2015 Pocket Flight
                           Logs available and the 2015 Blue Crew Organizers available at this time, but please order soon as I will
                           sell out to them.
Thanks again,

For further information, contact us at wingmatepub@aol.com
or, toll free (USA only) 1-888-WINGMATE (1-888-946-4628)

WingMate Publications presents two very popular and useful record keeping products for airline crew members and other members of the flying profession.

Our annual Airline Crew Organizer and Flight Record has been available since 1988 and is now used by flight attendants and pilots of over three dozen airlines as well as corporate and military crew members.

Our smaller Pocket Flight Log and Monthly Planner has been sold since 1993 and was created primarily for airline, corporate and military pilots who wanted a more compact log book.

Both products were designed by an airline pilot to meet the specific needs of crew members to organize their monthly schedules, log their flying times, keep track of crew names, have space to make notes about their trips and also have a record of expenses for tax purposes - all in one place.

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